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RefleX, the game that introduced me into indiedev, made in 2020, inspired by Simon Says, made in a month from 0 to release. It is a simple game that aim to test your reflex, as the game progresses the player needs to react faster. Endless, fun and casual.

- Calculate your reflex in milliseconds
- Reach new high score for new unlocks
- Two difficulties
- Three Game modes
- GameSpeed; 1s to 0.1s
- Progressively harder, infinite gameplay
- Easy to play, hard to master

00:00 / 00:48

Sound track


Human fastest reaction is at 0.15s!

Very hard to test!

The difference in the difficulties is how faster the game speed increase, I added some stats to measure the player reaction and the maths. 

The settings menu, is the unique feature of RefleX, all the options are unlocked at a certain conditions (or by a certain amount of cash...)

[Game modes]

Solo: One button flashes at a time, game ends at level 100

Endless: One button flash, endless...

Dual: Two buttons flash at a time, tentative version of a two player mode

The "Randomness" option was the hardest feature to develop on RefleX, when enabled the game pattern will be always different and if disabled the pattern will always be based on a specific seed.


Game options in v.1.0.5


This is unlocked after playing 123 games (one game is considered when ending with a score of 3 points or more...) Using the save data of a single tap, I gathered and calculated the player characteristics ie average speed, latency, reaction times, and scores. [Youtube Devlog WIP] 


Stats in v.1.1.0

[Final Ending]

RefleX was fun to develop I ended the game development with the [GameOver Release], might consider revisiting in the future to possibly add online multiplayer and more features.

DevLog of the behind the scene on RefleX now in production. fast can you react, player?

[Release History]


v.1.1.0 - Addition of sound effects

v.1.0.9 - Added new Game Modes: SOLO, DUAL, ENDLESS and STATS menu!
v.1.0.8 - fixed resolution on tablets
v.1.0.7 - fixed issue with settings
v.1.0.6 - fixed issue counters, added gametime
v.1.0.5 - fixed issue with game camera in settings
v.1.0.4 - fixed issue with score unlocks
v.1.0.3 - fixed issue with button text not showing on the setting screen
v.1.0.2 - fixed issue with score multiplier
v.1.0.1 - fixed issue with game speed
v.1.0.0 - first release


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